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Our experience spans 24 years and touches every aspect of the Conservatory Industry. Starting in the UK in 1984 designing and building Conservatories from the ground up, eventually helping successfully launch, build and grow the English Conservatory Market here in the USA.

In the UK, Conservatories are widely available for direct sale at wholesale prices. The English Conservatory Company has been created to bring this highly successful model to the US market place.

It has been our deliberate intention to bypass the traditional marketing and excessive overhead expenses that other companies pass on to their clients. At The English Conservatory Company we pass on substantial savings and extreme satisfaction…

…we believe that's plain old common sense… the only intelligent way to buy a Conservatory and we trust that you'll agree.
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The English Conservatory Company

Our Mission is to create and lead a new market place in the USA; supplying World Class Conservatories at realistic and affordable prices, directly from the manufacturer.

Our Vision is to help our clients realize their dreams of enhanced happiness and lifestyle by creating an environment of indoor/outdoor living; positively transforming the energy and nature of their home by providing a Conservatory room that is the realization of their vision.

Our Purpose it to bring joy, energy, light and nature into our clients lives, homes and everyday experience.


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What Our Customers Say About Us…

"We feel the Conservatory was instrumental in the quick sale, without a realtor (no less), of our home. (At the time it was built, we were concerned about recouping the cost in the sale of the house.) We were located on top of a hill in an open area… as you maintained, 1 year later when many homes in our area (including our house) were damaged considerably it withstood those unbelievable 'straight-line winds' we experienced!"

T & C - Belmont
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Enclose your deck with a wide range of do it yourself sun rooms, DIY sunrooms and DIY Conservatories.

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